Thursday, January 27, 2011

Value of the 7 Games

With all the snow we have I have come to value the 7 Games.

I dug out the back gate after the first storm. Thought I had moved enough snow at the time, but now with each additional storm the swing of the gate is getting smaller and smaller. It is one of those 8 foot wide metal gates.

I stand inside the paddock, swing the gate out and SEND Cici out. She quietly walks past me and SQUEEZES through the opening. She TURNS and FACES and WAITS. I practice a bit of YO-YO asking her to BACK into the deep snow and come back onto the path.

She is facing me as I fasten the gate and I DRIVE her forehand to turn 180 into the path I've dug in the snow that leads from the paddock to the indoor.

Driving her from Zone 5, she leads the way up the narrow shoveled path. How cool is that?!?!

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~kim said...

How cool is that?
Very Cool!