Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow tunnel

We have had a snow storm with 24" and then one with 4" to 6" and then ice, rain, wet snow. Yuck! All the snow is slowly compressing. Today as I was walking around in the paddock, I glanced back at the shed. Shed? where is the doorway?

The shed is built onto the side of the indoor. With the warmer weather (rain not snow) and all the rain, the snow that had accumulated slipped off the roof. And piled up in front of the doorway to the shed. The top of the snow drift/pile is maybe a foot below the overhang of the shed.

I walked up the hill to the shed and saw that Cici and Casey did walk out - I think they were in the shed eating their hay when the snow slide occurred. I look at the deep tracks and at the overhang and wonder how Cici ever managed to clear it.

It took me 20 minutes to dig out a path. And when I did I put Cici's halter on and asked her to follow me into the shed. I wanted to make sure she was not afraid. She walked in and let out an enormous sigh. Casey as you can see had no problem either.

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