Saturday, January 15, 2011

Undemanding time in the snow

With all the snow there is in the paddock I think I going to try and widen the paths, already trampled areas and around water trough. But a little bit each day. Hopefully. I happen to glance at the Friesians (3) paddock and it is trampled almost smooth. Maybe I'll ask M if I can borrow one to help me.

Both Cici and Casey greet me at the gate. This is definitely habit forming. And we nuzzle a while. Then I go off on my rounds. Shovel out their eating area, work on the path to Cici's hanging out with Cheeta place and also enlarge that space. Then dig out the other gate and around the water trough. Exhausted.

I get my folding camp chair that hangs in the shed and set it up for a bit of rest and undemanding time. Of course I set it down on a path. Get comfortable and think, "Hey great time and place for picture and video taking." And I have remembered to bring my camera. Cici is hanging out with Cheeta at the fence, enjoying (I hope) the larger area I have just shoveled out, and Casey is at the far end of the track watching me.

Get thinking that maybe Cici would like to hang out without her turnout. So I get up and take it off. Hang it on the gate and go back to stand with her. Casey removes it from the gate and is now trampling it. I go back to hang it up on the gate and turn around to go back to my chair...

Once I've brushed all the snow off I sit down again. Cici walks over to me on my left and starts nuzzling me and looking for treats. Casey is watching and since he is sure I'm giving out treats comes up the path on my right. Who's undemanding time is this? I just want to sit and they sure are demanding LOL.

I keep backing Casey up out of teeth range and Cici is now standing with her head hanging down, nose nuzzling my hair. This is heaven.

Of course Casey creeps into nipping range and disturbs the tranquility. Cici goes back to checking me out for treats. And then she decides its time to put your foot on it - only the "it" is me and the chair! I gently discourage that thought.

After another round of just hanging out all together quietly, Cici turns and walks over to see if any hay has miraculously appeared. She gleans the hay dust that is left in the snow and then sees my snow shovel and decides to help out.


~kim said...

Great videos! Thanks for sharing your fun day. My husband was probably wondering what all my giggling was about! LOL.

JMG said...

I have you to thank for the inspiration of videoing their antics!