Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Laps at Circling Game

Well I'm staying focused. Next 7 times we play thinking about more laps on the circle. This is day 2 LOL. More laps, kind of like "more meat, more meat" from Steeleye Span.

Cici starts out with a very nice walk. And she does two complete circles at this forward moving walk. As opposed to her not being able to walk more than 2 steps without stopping. I am very impressed and optimistic. I have the ring to myself, and have her saddle on the saddle rack, planning on freestyle stick to rail after staying on the circle online. I then ask for trot and she maintains gait, maintains direction and looks where she is going for six laps! Wooohooo!

Change directions and everything changes. Hmmm how interesting. She changes walk into trot and trot into canter with galloping and airs above the ground thrown in. She gallops around and over the barrels. Sure maintains gait and direction and looks where she is going as she leaps up up up over the barrels.

I am thinking about how I could not get her to move her feet not that long ago. Canter more than 3 or 4 strides? Now she is cantering around and around. I know I need to make sure the gait is my idea and have her maintain it. This is our challenge. Along with others LOL.

I practice asking for downward transitions and have some success. Sort of. Her energy is way up. So I bring my energy up, matching hers, and give one strong pull on the lead. She throws her head up, stops and looks at me, what did you do that for?

Now she is focused on me. I drop my energy but keep things moving and she is right there. Send is yes ma'am. We go to the wall for some trotting sideways and she floats down the wall. To the cones for figure 8 and she walks the pattern with only one finger point from me in the middle. And I'm almost at the end of the 22" line.

I go back to circling and ask for walk. She keeps breaking into a trot or canter. And I keep asking for downward transitions and staying on the circle. Finally she gives me one complete circuit and I call it a day.

Notice that her antics do not upset me as they used to. Emotional fitness. I even use the slapping the savvy string back and forth over my head and put a feel on the lead, when she is galloping and she turns in to me and stops. When she used to take off I'd drop my carrot stick. Now I keep it and use it as an effective tool. I notice that matching her energy causes her to notice me. Our partnership is developing more and more. I think I am being more provocative. Sure hope so.

Plan for today included riding. Amended that as I feel while I am getting through to her mind and feet, her feet need to move a lot more. There is always tomorrow. This winter is sure proving challenging. What is the saying - "It is what it is". Yup and I sure am having a great time exploring what it is.

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~kim said...

In a word- AWESOME!!!!

What an insightful session you both had. Thank you for sharing all the interesting tid bits.