Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playing, just playing

Today I had time blocked out in my mind to play and ride Cici. I have a next lesson scheduled, okay its still several weeks away, but I want to be ready for the next THING Avery will throw at me LOL.

When I got to the barn, M told me she was going to be working Max. I had looked at the schedule board yesterday and saw a blank space that I decided to use. I made the mistake of not writing down my initial on the board. Though with M I don't know if that would have made a difference. But I've learned my lesson. I will write down my times. Period.

Cici and I first played with her 12" looped around her neck. She was walking. Really walking forward with me at her side. Walked to the pedestal and got right up. I kissed her nose. Okay I kissed and kissed and kissed her nose that was just the right height.

We played sideways down the long side. We played with the ball, with Cici following it and kicking it forward and staying with it. I had to catch up!

I walked her over to the mounting block. And unlooped the 12' rope. Moved the mounting block against the wall and this is the second day I've asked her to swing herself sideways to the mounting block - preparing for mounting from fence. Took a bit of persistent tapping on zone 4 but she did indeed move over to me. Way to go little girl!!!!

Played online with 22' - circling game. And figure 8 around cones at trot. This is big as since we have been playing with the pedestal Cici has been more interested in playing put your foot on everything - the cones have a big attraction. But today nice figure 8 at trot around the cones. Whohoooo!

M was long lining Max, a RBE, ex racehorse who hasn't been used in about a year. He was having issues. He was not pleased. M was using lots of voice commands and encouragements. I realized how quiet I am. And also realized that I didn't want to deal with this while I was riding and practicing stick to the rail and maintain gait.

So instead of getting upset, I focused on what a wonderful time I had just had with Cici. How soft and focused she was. What an amazing partnership we are developing.


~kim said...

What an awesome session all around!! I too end up in your situation from time to time and find myself once again working on my emotional fitness and rewarding ourselves for what we have accomplished vs what we cannot do (because there is too much commotion around).
Say I have a question for you..... I play this little game with other Parelli friends and I think you & I could play it too. It is Pat's "Can You" game where we send each other a task to try from either a lesson with our mentor or one we came across during our play.
Lately I have been playing with this: Can I figure 8 my horse on a 22' and only use one send per side (maintaining gait and direction) Of course we are not there yet but it is fun and very interesting to figure out and play with.
Perhaps you will have a Can You for me either now or after your next lesson with Avery. :)

JMG said...

I'd love to play! And that is a great "can I". Now I can't wait to run over to the barn and see if I can!
I do have one that Avery challenged me with in the last lesson. Circling game and extreme friendly - can you have your horse come in to you - pulling on the lead (porcupine) while walking backwards toward her hind end AND swinging the savvy string back and forth over your head slapping the ground? Don't release until you have both eyes.