Sunday, January 30, 2011

Riding once again!

Today the stars were completely in alignment. No one was in the indoor. No riders, lessons, trainers, stall cleaners. Just me. And Cici. Oh yeah and Casey.

M told me he was going to "fix" the back gate to their paddock. Seems Cici popped open the gate this morning. Fortunately she waited for an audience and did it just to show she could. But if the gate is to be fixed - well I am taking Cici out but leaving Casey behind - just not fair to M.

A procession walk up the shoveled path - Casey leading, me in the middle, and Cici following. Oh how I love Parelli. Orderly, quietly, calmly. Once in the indoor - what to do with Casey. Can we close the doors to the indoor? Front doors close, but last door in back is stuck in a solid block of ice. Okay guess its stall time.

I have never put Casey in stall. And I find out why - he starts kicking the walls, stamping his feet, screaming, oh and there is an empty water bucket that he can practice his drumming skills on.

Now my thoughts of having a quiet time to play and ride Cici are fast disappearing. Every time Cici and I get close to the stall the racket inside escalates. She is concerned about his distress. Her head is up. She is listening to him and not to me. Emotional fitness? I scream at the top of my lungs. Then I take a deep breath and begin to play with Cici.

Again I start out with liberty - lead over her neck. Pedestal - up she goes. Figure 8 around the cones. Sideways. Even a bit of backing. Online to sideways down the long side without me moving my feet. Then to Circling Game. She goes out on the circle and walks. Really walks. I remember when I could not get more than two steps without a stop or turn and face. It is amazing to realize how far we have come.

Get 4 circles at the walk, trot for 4 circles and canter for 3. The pieces are coming together. She is beginning to understand. If she does turn to check with me I can correct her by just pointing. Both directions walk trot canter. Ask her to trot and then walking circles over to barrels. She trots, jumps over and trots away. Woohoo!

Tack her up, a bit of sideways, backing, circling. She is listening. Its time to get on. I remember what Pat said about stick to rail - having his mastery students spend a day on it. So today that is all we do. Stick to the rail. All the way around the whole arena. There is hay on the ground outside a couple of the stalls and Cici stops for a bite to eat. I back her. Only takes 2 times of her stopping to eat and my backing her for her to just keep walking. Its been so long since the last time I rode and it feels like yesterday.

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