Friday, January 14, 2011

Slot car Casey

We got a ton of snow on Wednesday. Okay maybe not a ton but close to 2 feet for sure. Too deep for young master Casey. He now only travels around the paddock in Cici's tracks. And she has made quite the circuit around the paddock. He fits right into the track and away he goes - like a mini slot car! Here he is standing by the gate where I've shoveled some of the snow away. And he is standing on the packed snow and not sinking!

Today I dug out the back gate and a path up the hill to the indoor. I went down to the barn to check on things, chat with friends and pick up Cici halter. Figured I play with her in the indoor. Without her blanket, on ground that is not white and when she steps into it sinks up to her knees.

As I was walking up the hill to go through the indoor I had this thought - did I close the back gate after I dug it out? Was Casey running around loose somewhere? I looked over at their paddock and saw Cici eating her hay, but could not make out a little munchkin. I glanced at the paddock that is behind hers, on the other side of the path and noticed the two horses there were running around. When I got to the indoor Cici started to call to me - He's loose and up to no good!

I hurried through the ring and out the back. A large swatch had been plowed and my path led off of that. As I got outside there was the Casey trotting down the path. I hurried to block him and threw the lead over his head. He was the perfect slot car - he would not step off the shoveled path and he could not turn around. Stuck! Thankfully. I was able to put Cici halter on him and lead him back to the paddock. So much for his liberty adventure!

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