Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snowy Trail Ride

Went out today for a trail ride. Checked out the footing yesterday with Casey and the old snow is a little crunchy and the new is light and fluffy. Turned out to be perfect footing. No snow balling in the horses' hooves.

Also tried out my new winter riding boots - Christmas present - Ariat barnyard jodphur boot. Insulated. Warm toes. When I first got into the saddle I felt like my knees were up under my chin. Wow, I got off and lengthened the stirrups/fenders one hole. Amazing what a difference one hole makes LOL.

You can hear the crunching as we walk along, along with some wind noise. And a bit of inane conversation from me.

Rob asked if V could tape me. Tired of seeing her and G's behinds.

1 comment:

~kim said...

Great video Jaime! I love seeing Cici's ears, they are totally on you the whole time she was so tuned into you.
Looked like a fun little ride in the crunchy snow. :)