Monday, January 17, 2011

Its Cold

Today in the middle of the day it was 18 degrees. I had all these plans and when I get to the barn they go out the window! Lessons in the indoor. Big horses, teenage riders, ground poles.

What to do? I know undemanding time! I have tights, fleece socks and winter fleece lined breeches along with insulated muck boots on the bottom, and three layers of fleece and my Mountain Horse coat on top. Gloves and a hat to finish off the outfit. Get out the three legged folding camp chair and set it up on one of the paths in the snow.

At first I am admiring Cici and Casey's butts as they eat their hay. Its a nice day, okay a bit cold but I'm prepared. I sit and enjoy their appetites. I look around at the other paddocks that I can see from my hill perch and notice lots of hay in those paddocks. I look back at the pitiful amount left by Cici and Casey and know that they have been in hoover vacuum mode.

Within a couple of minutes Cici lifts her head and looks around at me. I wave. She slowly and carefully turns (care due to the snow) and walks over to me. All the way over me - head over my head - here is my view:

I reach up and scratch under her jaw. Her winter coat is thick and long and underneath here she is beginning to resemble a wooley mammoth. I scratch for a while and then take my hand away to rest. She lowers her head a bit. I reach up and scratch some more. Moving up and down along jaw bone. She stands very still and closes her eyes. I stop and she has her head in my lap!

Hmmm how interesting. Wonder if I can use this technique for bridling from my knees, or sitting in a chair!


~kim said...

Jaime, a big pat on the back for adjusting to fit the situation. And a great reward with a delicious moment where Cici came over at your wave (suggestion), hung out with you, and then put her chin in your lap! Awesome girlfriend. Could we really want for more? ;)

JMG said...

Warmer weather?