Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trotting Sideways

I didn't know that was where I was going today. But what a way to finish! The last five days have been dealing with snow snow snow. Today was my first time playing with Cici in the indoor. I was all full of energy and bouncing and dancing to the music. Thought Cici would be too. Oops.

Turned out today was one of those oh no not again duh!!! moments. One of those fleeting awarenesses that we have been here before, at this very ah ha moment. Again. My continuing ah ha duh moment concerns sending, really sending Cici. Not nagging, or begging, or pleading. Not being careful not to upset her. I need to go to an effective send.

And today I got there!!!! And after that moment I asked her for sideways along the wall and she offered a TROTTING sideways. A first! Wow!!!!

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~kim said...

Now that is just awesome all around!