Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doing vs Being

I've been reading "Gallop to Freedom, training horses with the founding stars of Cavalia" by Magali Delagdo and Frederic Pignon. And Fred talks about observing and seeing what your horse is like, how she stands, how she breathes, how she holds her head, ears, eyes. He suggests trying different ways of touching and see what they like and dislike. And how to allow them to be themselves. And to be together with them. And some much more.

Today's undemanding time I thought I'd observe Cici. And try different ways of touching, scratching her. It is cold and muddy today. She has her blanket on and her neck and jaws are covered in dry mud. So I start to scratch the mud off of her. But she moves her head away. Hmmm, how interesting. I stand next to her quietly. And she stands next to me. I am noticing that when she chews she does it for much longer than before. I used to be happy if she did three chews. Now, well here I find myself counting, she will do six or seven. Notice I'm already doing things. Trying to get the mud off. Counting her chewing.

As the time passes my arm is getting tired so I go sit on the rock. She walks over to me. And quietly stands over me. I reach up to work some more on the dry mud. She moves her head out of the way. I drop my hand. I just sit. She swings her head over my head. Just breathing in my hair. She nuzzles my shoulder and starts to groom it LOL! But I have to sit still. Slowly I am hearing her. Quiet time. Just be.

She is teaching me to just be in the moment. No plans, no doing things, just be. Who is the master and who is the student now?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Continued undemanding time

Friday Cici, Casey and on the other side of the fence Bella, were all hanging out together. I walked into the paddock and after Cici greeted me I walked to the rock and sat down. Cici took a few moments then left Casey and Bella and walked over to hang out with me. Bella even nickered to her but she stayed by my side. How cool is that!

And today, Sunday she was standing in the shed. I came to the gate at since she looked at me I took that as permission to enter. Thinking back I could have waited at the gate to see what woud happen. Hmmm how interesting. I sat down and Casey came over. Started lipping my knee so I backed him up. Then I invited him in closer. Again lipping, which leads to nipping so I backed him up. By now Bella (mare in heat who has become his girl aside she is 16.3 and he is a very small mini) was at the fence making eyes at him so he backs and wanders over to her.

He nips at her through the fence. Can only reach up her arm pits and along bottom of her barrel. She squeals but stays put. Then noses touch, another nip and she turns to walk away. Casey saunders away from her, staying on the fence line and she completes a circle to follow him! Crafty devil is he. I can learn a lot watching this little guy.

All this while Cici is hanging out in the shed behind me, away from the fall weather flies that are biting. I am not paying her any attention as I am engrossed in Casey antics. I've been in the paddock maybe 10 minutes. I glance over at her and she walks out of the shed to where I am sitting on the rock. Sigh.

After about 15-20 minutes of rock sitting and hanging out with my girl I get up and walk away from her to see what she will do. She thinks about it a little while and then slowly walks to me. We stand together for a little bit and then I walk away again. She thinks some more and follows me. Then she walks off to Casey and Bella. I waited a bit then glance at her and walk slowly away again. Takes her a little before she is cutting across the paddock to my side.