Thursday, January 6, 2011

Up on the Pedestal!

I hardly slept last night going over in my mind what Avery taught me yesterday. A happy, oh goodie, can I do this again? kind of review. A I don't want to forget the slightest piece. A lets play this again Sam thought process.

When I finally managed to get to the barn late in the afternoon Cici was at the gate waiting for me. Now I had promised Casey we would play today, I have been focusing so much on Cici, that I told him we would be right back. Just wanted to check one thing out.

Walked into the ring and there was a lesson beginning. With horses that I know spook. But I wasn't planning on doing anything lively with Cici. Took off her blanket and we both headed to the pedestal.

She pawed at the top, I porcupined her with lead rope and she stepped up! Both feet. And stood with her nose in my hair as she is now soooo tall. I could upturn my face and kiss her nose. Just let her stand there. And of course impress everyone in the ring. "Did you teach her that?" Duh!?!??!

Backed her off and we went for a walk - lead wrapped around her neck for stick to me. But I was careful due to the lesson and riders. Around the ring and back to the pedestal. A light feel on the lead and up she goes. Two feet on pedestal. Like she's been doing this forever. What was the big deal? LOL.

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