Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Featherweight rope

I had to get out the new featherweight rope today as my 22' line was wet, dirty and soooo heavy I just could not use it. Wow the featherweight is exactly that. Featherweight. My phases became oh so soft. Cici became oh so much more attentive. She loved it!

Sideways all the way to the end without my moving my feet. Played with trotting sideways and got several steps in each direction, and when she broke from the trot she was walking very lively.

Sent her to the pedestal and she floated over to it and up. She gets a bit careless with her feet. She just steps on the very edge. She steps on the very edge with just part of her hoof. She has stepped off the pedestal and crossed her legs, and I thought she was going to fall over. I told her she has to pay attention to her feet.

Played on the circle. Wow. The feel is so different. Its like having a kite. It feels like flying! If this is liberty I really need to get serious and figure out some way to create the illusion of a round pen for Cici to play in. At the end of our time, I took the rope off and asked Cici for a figure 8 around the cones, Just By Pointing!!!!! Yippee!!! Whoppee!!! She is my rock star.

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