Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pedestal Casey

A first! First time both feet up on the pedestal! Isn't he just the cutest, fuzziest, most adorable creature you have ever seen??!?!!?!?!?

Our play session begins with Casey taking me for a walk. Up the path from paddock to indoor, through the indoor, out to say hello to the Friesians. Bites Beau's face. Is that nice? Neither seem to mind.

The he decides to walk down the hill to the lower barn, through the parking area and into the outdoor ring. Everything has been plowed so he is moving. This is one of his favorite things - going to a dog walk. He leads I hang on to the end of the lead and away we go.

Through the ring, out the back gate and down the tractor tracks to the "far side" paddocks, Casey in one tire track, me in the other. We get to the paddocks where M is moving snow with the tractor and Casey reconsiders and turns around heading back all the way to the indoor.

Time now for a bit of focused play. I get out the big yoga ball, taller than he is. Casey flicks it away and leaps in the air, bucks, kicks out with both back legs and charges the ball. He now runs into it and keeps going, putting both knees into the ball while rubbing his face on it. He soccers the ball from down the length of the indoor.

And then he aims back kicks at me, and I know its time for really focused circling game. Full steam ahead! I send him out and ask for all he has and he willingly obliges - going as fast as his little legs will carry him - low to the ground. Hilarious to watch. After 4 or 5 laps change of direction and off he goes again. I ask him in and he quickly turns and faces. Not even breathing hard!

I get the pedestal out and ask him over to it. Takes only a few times using the savvy string and carrot stick to convince him that stand still on the opposite side of the pedestal is a comfort place. And then I porcupine the lead and ask him to take a step forward. Opposition reflex. I ask again politely. He pulls back. Ask again and puts his foot on the pedestal. But no weight on that foot. It is outstretched and I place it back a bit so that he is in a better position to be able to step out. And he does!!!!

He'll be ready for the circus in no time!

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