Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 4 more circles

Today is day 4 for more laps from Cici in circling game. We start out with a bit of liberty. There is a lesson going on in the ring with a little kid who is supposed to be staying on the track. Two cones had been placed as markers in the opposite corners, just off the track for the kid to steer around. I use them for point to point with Cic. Drape her lead over her neck and off we go. I have noticed that she will walk out with more energy if we start out with liberty.

Play with point to point for a while, then off to pedestal. Even do a bit of sideways. Then get her 22 and first play with backing and the circling. Get very nice 3 laps at walk. don't want to tax her LOL, building slowly. Trot very nice, change of direction and when I ask for trot she gives me canter. So I say thank you and ask her to maintain the canter, each time she comes down to trot. Three complete canter circles. To the right- and this from a horse who a year ago could not canter for more than 3 strides going to the right .... well as long as it wasn't her idea.

Today Cic is listening and soft and no hi jinx. Of course today would been the perfect time to saddle her, but there are now three lessons going on in the ring. But so happy with where we are in circling. A yippee most definitely!!!!

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