Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Upcoming lesson

I've been feeling lost. I've been struggling. And I decided I needed to contact Avery and have her come. And I need to have a schedule with her to keep me on track. Of course I don't want to totally embarrass myself so I've been putting extra effort into my play sessions. Thinking about how to be more provocative. How to be more particular but not nit pick. How how how.

I've noticed that Cici uses sideways when she doesn't understand what I'm asking. I've noticed that she is offering to put her foot on things - like the cones when I'm asking her for figure 8s. How to encourage her and still have her listen to my requests is a question.

Yesterday I was asking for her to back with me in zone 3. She offered sideways instead. I used phase 3 on the rope to stop her. And then she floated back with me. Being more particular here made what I was asking for more apparent. Is this what Pat means?

We rode freestyle today in the indoor. This is the third day in a row and we are both feeling more comfortable. I was lighter in my touch on the reins. Cici was lighter in her response. There is hope after all.

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