Monday, January 31, 2011

Circling Game more laps

Oh I love my little girl Cici. She is right there for me today. Day 6 with more laps more laps and today she is just so willing. Right off offers 5 laps at walk. And a lovely walk if I do say so. Then trot, again nicely moving, 5 laps, and 5 laps at canter. What is so awesome at the canter, I just raise my hand and point one finger up and up into canter she goes. It is all so calm and effortless.

Change direction and at walk, lap one she stops to grab the mouthful of hay that is lying right in her path on the circle. Wonder why she missed it the other way? Lap two she stops at almost exactly the same spot and poops. Lap three she stops and smells the poop. Well she is maintaining direction and certainly looking where she is going. Two out of three is pretty good. I am laughing at her LBI behaviors.

We focus again and nice walk trot canter laps. Again calm and effortless. Wonder what tomorrow will bring - oh I know - more snow.

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