Sunday, May 30, 2010


Half way! Although today was a short ride in the ring. Cici didn't really want to walk around like yesterday. Maybe I wasn't as focused as yesterday. Definitely more of "Don't touch the reins, which moves the bit" going on. Hmmm how interesting. I've been soft and quiet and gentle. Think I need to do a bit more of what Avery had suggested the first time I rode with her. Lateral flexion and disengagement until she softens.

She stops at the slightest lift of the reins. She stops when I stop riding. But even with the stop comes a moment of brace and then chewing. When I ask her to keep moving but to bend or stay on a circle and am lifting the rein for minor corrections I am getting the bracing in earnest. Today she was putting her head up - the place I don't like her to do - and then putting her head down - that's okay. Guess she is trying all sorts of things.

So that is the true benefit of blogging. I am not on her and I am thinking about what went on. Oh boy - I see things differently here in front of the computer. Not on her. She is experimenting. Great. Trying different things. Great. I just need to hang in there. Quiet persistence in the proper position. Hope my position is proper.

Today I think I was definitely in straight line thinking more. Get one more ride. Get one more ride. And Cici was thinking, oh not again. Just hanging out in the ring. I am ready for the trails. When will she be?

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