Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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The Rescue Remedy is a hit with Casey. I think he'd drink the bottle! Cici on the other hand would have nothing to do with it today. Sniffed it and turned away. I put a little bit on my finger and rubbed it onto the inside of her ear. She was not impressed.

Today she did something she never has done before. I put my hands out to her and she started licking and licking and licking them. Like an ice cream cone! Really cool.

Again she could only stay with the touching short amounts of time and then she would wander off. I noticed that as I was rubbing her she started to breathe with short breaths. Like this was upsetting her or more to the point she was getting uncomfortable with the intimacy. I told her she could move away if she needed to and she did. She went and stood at the fence she shares with another mare. Just stood there breathing those short breaths until she calmed down. Then she licked.

I figured okay I'll clean the paddock while she is recovering, move away from her to reduce any pressure she was perceiving from me. She kept an eye and ear on me wherever I was in my poop pick up. After a little while she came over and stood in front of me and pooped (she does this quite regularly when I'm cleaning up the poop - and she did it with my friends who helped me when I could not do it) and behind me I hear Casey pooping also LOL. This is new for him!

I put the fork down and she came over and I rubbed her a bit. And she walked back to the fence but I noticed that she was licking and chewing. I worked my way through the paddock and she came over again. I was scratching her neck and she moved her head and neck away from me, didn't more her feet. I just stood still. She swung her head back to me and I waited and then raised my hands to her. She moved her head away again. Still keep her feet still. I love seeing these things. Finally she walked away.

I finished the poop patrol and went to sit on the rock. Casey came right over, crowding and wanting treats so I have to work hard at backing him out of my space. And keeping him there. While I focused on him Cici ambles over. Now to my right I am trying to calmly set a feeling of comfort. Come stay a while. In front of me is Casey and I'm working on keeping him back, respect my space. Talk about being a split personality!

Toward the end of my play session she was back eating her hay. I held up her halter for her to see and said come with me and we can go eat grass for a little while. She turned and followed me across the paddock to the back gate where I then put on her halter. Cool!

When we got back to the paddock after I took off her halter I put a little Rescue Remedy on my finger again and rubbed it on the inside tip of her ear. She closed her eyes and relaxed!

What I am experiencing is she is practicing approach and retreat. And a little come closer stay longer. All truly amazing. She likes to be in control and choose when she comes to me, but she is also accepting my invitations more readily (like the come lets graze). And she clearly expects me to stay in the paddock with her. Today I was with her about an hour and when I left she quickly walked to the gate and looked after me, Hey not yet!

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