Saturday, May 29, 2010


A reprieve - only need 9 more or total of 14 rides before going out on trails. Cici's ready, working on me. So with today that is 8 more. A little more than a week if I can get on everyday. Here's hoping.

I've been trying to come to terms with the western saddle. Finally dawned on me how different is is from the Keiffer dressage I've ridden in for the last what 14 years! At first I was thinking its the twist but its way more than that. The Keiffer put you in a position and you stayed there. No place to go. It didn't have the knee blocks, but the saddle itself held you. The Parelli western saddle it like sitting bareback. More depends on you! or me!

As I learned when I started riding Jeepers with a rope halter that I was balancing with my hands, well now I'm realizing how the saddle kept me in position. At least we are not balancing with our hands LOL. But need to relearn how to sit. Balance point. Balance period.

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