Saturday, May 22, 2010


Cici seems to enjoy the meridian points I'm doing. She will bend her head and inspect the point on her side sometimes. She even puts her nose to my face and breathes me in. She relaxes and I melt.

Had the indoor to ourselves. She managed to scare herself on the circle while cantering. She missteps in the footing, struggles to regain balance and away she goes. But now even when she is most worried she will look in to me and turn in as if to say, "Save me". Comes directly to me and licks and chews.

I'll admit I get a bit worried when she gets like this. And wonder if she is going to be able to focus on me and can I get on. Today Mary came into the ring with Violette and PJ. She was having Violette get on and I was not going to do anything that might cause PJ to take one misstep. So I stood for a while quietly with Cici, asked her to do figure 8s around the barrels and then more waiting. During this Cici came back to me and licked and licked and chewed and got soft eyed and nosed me.

Figured lets saddle up and see where that goes. Once Mary, Violette and PJ left the ring I had Cici on the circle again. And she was soft and moving with a lovely trot. Couple of change of directions and we were ready to mount up.

Today she was willing to walk around the arena on the rail. I wanted to just be walking and not worried about walk two steps and stop. She was responsive to rein but still has a brace about the bit. Braces and licks and chews. Its kind of funny. The don't do that - oh okay. I am trying to be supper light. But holding until she gives. So there was lots and lots of slurping as she chewed the bit. And I was able to figure out how I'm sitting in the saddle. Still not completely one with it. But then again had 12 years in my Keiffer. Not feeling the overwhelming fear. I'd say I feel a bit cautious. But that good. Progress.

I can reach out and touch her poll and she drops her head in a beautiful arch. Playing with that especially on the dismount, as she will throw her head up when I lean forward to dismount. Hmm how interesting! Mary said she got that it is old muscle memory. Guy's saddle pinched when he shifted his weight to dismount.

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