Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today I practiced mounting and dismounting. Realized with western saddle I hesitate about dismounting. At mounting block I got on and got off, back onto the block. I also had been thinking Cici might not stand still. Need to get over this and practice up and down. Each time I waited for her to lick. And then dismounted. Boy was she confused. Then I asked for a few steps forward and asked for a halt. And dismounted. Breathing again. Just taking the time.

I've been playing on the ground with lots of different things. And when we play circling game I realize that if I keep her engaged by either change of direction, 4+ times on the circle, or even getting her to canter, she will come in and immediately chew. If she is not with me it takes a lot longer for her to chew. For her to process. Hmmm how interesting.

When I was circling her with the saddle she gave several bucks. I thought oh no where are they coming from, and then she was soft and listening and had a really beautiful trot and even maintained the canter for more than half the circle.

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