Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Energy points

I'm placing my hand on the points Margaret suggested on Cici's sides. Its interesting to see if she readily accepts the energy from me and how quickly she can release - lick and chew. Sometimes it takes a while and sometimes its almost immediate. I've placed my hand on her side and felt a tingling. I've watched Cici feel the energy and start to breath rapidly and then sigh. And of course the right and left sides evoke different responses.

When I do this with Casey he bends his head all the way back to nose my hand - hey what are you doing?!?!?!

I have noticed that Cici seems, well I guess I'd say calmer. More connected. When she startles it is just in place. Like a little wakeup call. Hmm maybe that is when she is not paying attention. I'll watch that. I learn a lot by processing what happens by writing about it.

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