Monday, May 3, 2010

2 of 4

Margaret recommended 4 days of Rescue Remedy for Cici to help work on our connection, and 7 days for Casey.

Today was interesting. Oh each day is interesting! Cici was willing for me to work on her GB21, just in front of the scapula. She licks and chews quicker. Also worked on the place at the base of her neck, massaged there and worked my up her neck along her mane. I could feel her having difficulty with the intimacy today. Enjoys it but not ready to show it. She feels caught between old and news ways. I didn't push it and she walked back to her hay.

So I went to sit on my rock which is located to the left of where she was eating. Casey of course came over and today he was back to being bold. When I was paying attention to Cici he nipped me so I got into my perfectionist mode and made him back up out of my personal space. I told him to ask Cici about my being a perfectionist! He then leaned forward, or slowly shifted a foot forward and I'd back it right up. He licked and chewed, he looked at me with soft eyes. He tried his whole repertory. He even lowered his head and looked dejected (I didn't believe him for a moment). When all this failed he walked away and approached me again from the side! LOL.

I got up once and Cici came to me for more scratching, face rubbing and once breathe exchange. Then back to her hay. She just could not stay today. Not a problem. I went back to sitting and over about 15 minutes she grazed her way to me. So it was more a matter of coming and going than staying.

I had an appointment so I could not spend my usual long amount of time in the paddock with her today. She was eating her hay again when I left. As I walked out the gate she lifted her head and quickly walked to the gate and looked at me. Hey why are you leaving? Too soon.

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