Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Cici was a bit full of herself today. Haven't done anything for a couple of days and yesterday it was thunder and pouring rain. She ran around online for a while before she turned in to me. I just sent her out on the circle and she starts trotting and then cantering and scares herself - does a bit of galloping - canters the circle very nicely (hmmm how interesting) and turns in to me licking and chewing. Except for the initial gallop the line is slack as she canters around. Another hmmm how interesting.

I had my doubts about saddling her and riding but thought lets see what happens. After she came in I sent her back out the other direction. Got another initial straight line gallop then on the circle cantering. Hmm thought she could not canter full circles!

I continued to play with her until I felt I had a connection and saddled her and asked for trot on circle. She was going fast and I exhaled loudly and she calmed down. She would get going again and I exhaled again and again and she would immediately come to a more focused trot. Oh boy.

Norma had written a piece about focusing your energy and thoughts before you ask your horse for anything. And how little can you do and have them respond. I played with this re backing. Got my energy up, had to puff myself up a bit and then looked at Cici and she walked back! Connected 3 steps back. This is a holy wow moment. So cool.

I did get on. Cici is having her own issues with the bit - still bracing, throwing in some head tossing, raises her head to avoid the bit and lowers her head to avoid the bit. And I am asking softly. And while all this is going on she is chewing. So I can't figure it out.

After about 10 minutes she started yawning and blowing and yawning. Yippee! I quietly picked up the reins to ask for her to turn and she immediately braced and resisted and chewed and tossed her head. Talk about mixed signals LOL.

This is ride 8 of 14. I am working on feeling more comfortable in the western saddle. Slowly getting there. And comfortable riding period. The head tossing, throwing her head up, bracing and stuff is not particularly good for my confidence however. I am dealing, but would really like it to be gone. Think I need to be more passively persistent in the proper position. Really hold a bend until she gives. Well there is tomorrow.

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