Sunday, June 13, 2010

#14 Finally

I had pulled the tarp and ball out for playing. Cici rolled and kicked the ball along until we got to the tarp. She then nosed the tarp and started really playing with it. She nosed it some more and then lipped it. Finally she grabbed a fold in her mouth and lifted the tarp up! She'd let go and then look at me and then do it again. She lifted her head all the way up and even shook the tarp!

Is this her LBE coming out? This mouthiness? I have never seen her do anything like this before. I love her exploring and offering new things. Yippee!!!!

She next pawed the tarp into a small bundle underneath herself and then stepped over the bunched up tarp. I was holding my breath as when she scrunched it up it was getting wrapped around her hoof. But she didn't seem to care. She is very into using her hoofs right now to moving things - ball, or step on things - tarp, cones.

Mary has this enormous pedestal. I wish it was smaller, but maybe if she can help me haul it out into the ring I can see what Cici thinks of it. It is probably over her knees in height.

And after the tarp fun, it seems almost anti climatic that today we finally did our 14th ride and went out on the trails with Vivian and Georgie. I used lots of change of directions early on and got her focused and listening. When saddled she was quiet and easily walk trot and cantered, both directions on line. What a difference a day makes!

I rode with shortened reins as I didn't want to get into a grass eating battle with her. So of course she went for the branches and leaves up in the air. She was really very very good. At one point she grabbed a downed branch with leaves. The branch stem was long and I was worried it was caught in her bit as she was shaking her head. So I jumped off, helped it out of her mouth and then remounted from an old Jeepers mounting block (read rock) out on the trail! Cici stood absolutely still the entire time. And it was an ungraceful dismount (forgot I was in Western saddle) and an ungraceful mount (just me, rushing and worrying).

She was fine on the trails. I felt my tension come and go. When I was relaxed I could get on my balance point and really feel the saddle. When I was tense I could feel how I rock forward on my seat bones. Not a good thing. But Cici seemed to deal with me calmly. Thank you sweet girl.

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Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time! It sounds like your horse is really exploring and having fun. (I too have used many a rocks to mount!) :)