Monday, June 7, 2010


Kick the ball is really progressing. Cici is very nose focused on it. Will stand still in front of ball and rest her nose deep into the ball. Then she likes to flick it off to the side. If I can get her moving in the direction of the ball I have now gotten 3 kick steps fairly consistently.

Sideways along the wall to her left is a struggle. She is lining up with the wall, giving me her butt. So I'm backing her from the very end of the 12' line. Hmmm may try the 22 tomorrow! She is also harder to send out on the circle to the left. Thinking its Steve Katz time.

I gave her mouth, noseband area and browband area energy treatments before putting on the bridle. She was soft and listening. Had one time of bracing, but she yielded quickly and licked and chewed. I'm feeling better and better about riding again. Getting the feel of the western saddle too. Three more rides and then I think I will be ready for a trail ride.

Vivian is after me for this weekend. I think I can just make it. She is being very patient and sweet. Said we would go out for the short loop. That I can get off at anytime. But that I needed to get back out on the trails with Cici....and her and Georgie.

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