Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Thought I was going to go out with Vivian for a short trail ride. But she had something come up. So we played kick/nose ball, sideways, as well as backing along the wall from zone 5. I put the 22" line on and WoW! She just keeps taking one slow careful step after another going backwards when I'm behind her. Realized there is the pull from the line, so I even put it on the ground and get a couple more steps.

I think she is using the backing along the wall as an evasion. Because it happens when I ask her for sideways to the left. She will just position herself along the wall. Butt and nose same distance from wall. So I step back and then she floats back with me. I am taking what she offers.

Struggling a bit with my send. Yes I am not effective there. So she will go out but come in quickly. Again taking what she offers. And we get to practice a lot more backing!

When I put her saddle on and play with circling game, she is like okay I know the routine. Walk, trot, canter and I'm done - she turns into me. I thank her and then back her up and send her again. She is ready when she comes in to back and go out the in other direction! Walk trot canter and back in to me. I send her out again, try and get 3 to 5 laps. She will now canter with the belly of the rope on the ground! Especially under saddle.

Riding - asked for lateral flexion both sides. Bit of initial resistance but then she yielded and stayed when I released. All these little pieces are coming together.

Oh yawns - get a major yawning event each time 5 to 10 minutes into the ride. Hmmm how interesting!

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