Sunday, June 27, 2010

A clear, concise, focused plan with purpose

I've been reading Shannon Ranch's blog on her Fast Track journey. She said, "Another big take away for me from the Fast Track is how clear my horse wants me to be. At times she outright demands it. If I can setup my requests with great purpose she is much more apt to offer compliance. If I don't help her understand the purpose well..... she hesitates, or balks, or gets emotional. This will be my challenge- a clear, concise, focused plan with purpose."

This speaks so directly to me. Today when I was playing with Cici and struggling with backing her and sending her on the circle, I kept thinking that I was not clear. And Shannon says it so concisely. This too is my challenge - a clear, concise, focused plan with purpose. Hmm how interesting.

Cici had another little hissy fit online. But looking back it was about my not being clear. I think one thing, if she gives me something else I will usually accept that. So who is the leader here? And then I expect her to know what I meant originally. I'm confused so its no surprise she is also. A clear, concise, focused plan with purpose will become my mantra! I hope.

We did go out today again for a short trail ride with Vivian and Georgie. Deer flies out in cloud packs. Fortunately Vivian and Georgie were leading so they got the brunt of the clouds of flies. But there were enough out to descend on us. I was swishing away like crazy. Noticed that when one landed on even her mane she would feel it and shake her head. But when she was grabbing a mouthful of leaves and one is now attached to her neck it doesn't even register. Focus its all about focus. LOL.


~kim said...

Gosh thanks for reading & relating to my blog. Sounds like we share much in common regarding our horse journey. ;)

How have you been doing with the new challenge - a clear, concise, focused plan with purpose?

I have found that the more I can slow down my brain and stay "in the moment" with my horse, the easier it is to meet the challenge.

I look forward to reading your blog.

~kim shannon

JMG said...

Hi Kim,
I follow your blog religiously. Love how you explain your thoughts and what you are doing.

The concept of a clear, concise, focused plan with purpose is like a slippery eel or maybe greased pig. If I try to hold on to it too tight it gets away from me. If I embrace it gently everything comes together. Another of those hmmm how interesting moments.