Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quiet Trail Ride

Wow today was the first time in a long time that I relaxed and felt comfortable back in the saddle on the trails. Think I was feeling better and more confident on the trails than in the ring.

The deer files are out in force. So Vivian and I just did the Precipice Trail and looped back on Red Tail Hawk Trail. I had one hand on reins (bridged) and the other swatting flies with the swish. Oh and did I mention it was hot and humid? Maybe I had so much else to do that I didn't have any mind share left for worrying.

Since this past week has been hot hot hot and humid humid humid, I haven't done much beyond taking Cici for grazing strolls. Been a week of this and then Friday I played with her. Ball, cones, barrels, sideways. She did not want to go out on the circle. No way. Backing got the head shaking and blowing and licking. All this activity with her head and nothing with her feet. So I flicked the Savvy String at her chest and boy did I ever step over her threshold!

She was indignant. And took off in a huff. She cantered, threw a little hissy fit, stamped her feet - go figure out how to express yourself without really bucking. I let the line slide through my hands til the end and then had to brace. I told her I was upset at what she was displaying. How could I trust that I could saddle her and get on and that she would be a partner? What was I doing here? Was she too much horse for me? What did I want? Did I expect to just throw on a saddle and go out for a trail ride? Was all this too much? Was she too much?

She was standing out on the circle looking at me while I was thinking all this. She walked in to me and put her head flat into my chest. Melted my heart.

And today she still did the head shake thing and yes we struggled with the send and maintaining circle. But she was soft and listening and walk trot canter and jumped the barrels in both directions. The best thing about the barrels is they were lined up on the circle and she just went for them. Out on the trails felt like maybe just maybe we are partners.

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