Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kick the ball

It is so humid its raining today LOL. Cici is soaked so I decide to just play on the ground. Hard to let go of the day counting. But I feel we both need a rest.

I played a little yesterday with kick the ball. First placed it in front of her and asked her to walk forward and move the ball. Amazing how supple she can be when she wants to avoid the ball in front of her!

Building on yesterday's work as soon as we walked into the indoor I walked her over to the ball. She touched it with her nose and then looked at me - treat? I asked her to kick it with her knee as she walked forward. She did! Walked her back to where it rolled to and asked again. She was soft and focused and I could just slightly wiggle the rope for her to back up and reposition herself.

She is not yet getting the follow the ball concept yet. She did kick it twice in a row when the ball rolled in a straight line in front of her. The third step? She reached down with her nose and pushed it OUT OF THE WAY. LOL.

Last night I had checked the Savvy Vault for backing and sideways. Saw Linda's piece on making an L of your arms and walking along the fence. Tried it with Cici today. Going to her right (I'm at her left) she is moving very nicely. Going to her left (I'm at her right side) she immediately positioned herself parallel to the wall with her butt facing me. Oops. I gently wiggled the rope and she did a nice soft back up with me way beyond Zone 5, at the very end of the 12" rope.

She is offering things that she has never before done. Yippee. So I took it. Had 5, 6, 7 steps back from Zone 5 with rope on right side of her body. How amazing is that!

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