Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Certainly no longer Boring!

Lesson today with Avery. And boy did she shake things up. Yup I was boring Cici. Doing that pleading begging nagging thing that I keep reading about. The forever Phase 1 maybe 2. So Avery went to effective Phase 4 with Cici in backing and sideways. WoW! Maybe I should be saying Oh boy!

Cici looked at me like what have you unleased?!?!?! I said, You've been complaining that I'm boring you??!?!?!

And we are talking sideways without the wall here. Going the entire length of the ring first one side then the other. And in circling game, change of direction/sidways. So bring her in for change of direction, pause, move Zone 1 over then Zone 4, after a few nice sideways - send her back out to the circle. Talk about mixing things up!

Cici was like what happened and I was like you want me to do what?!?!? How?!?!?

Yup its about me getting to that effective Phase 4. Harder on me that on Cici. Well today I not sure it wasn't hard on both of us. She can stand there and take the one wap. Avery said then ask again at phase 1 and then do wap wap wap. Its the threes that seem to get her attention. Or maybe its that my 1 wap Phase 4 is livable with. So first once than threes. And then ask again at Phase 1 immediately and when she finally willingly moves IMMEDIATELY release.

Then its saddle up time. Avery took the time to check out how things are fitting. Looked and Cici and commented on her improved muscling and how she is no longer downhill!!!! So she adjusted the shims. When I told her about Margaret's comment that Cici had energy blocks along where the back cinch was...and that I had taken it off, Avery asked about sweat marks and where they were. She wasn't happy with the back cinch off but was willing to let me go ahead and warm Cici up online. As soon as she was on the circle Avery said see how the saddle is bouncing up and down in the back? So I got the cinch and when putting it on Avery got looking at Cici and where the cinch fell and said - hmmm I'm learning something here. Because Cici is short backed Avery realized that the cinch hobble needed to be shortened and then she wound up clipping it to the front ring on the girth. Said she had never thought about it before but short back would mean short underneath as well. And that the cinch needed to be on her sternum, which was also short, and before it was on her belly. That made sense for it to bother or block her energy before. So now we are back with a back cinch.

This is where I learned how to do the change of direction, pause, sideways, back out on circle. Cici was anticipating the changes. And I'm getting good at "shutting her down" and struggling at getting the sideways. But think I understand the how. And why. Cici went from running around ignoring me, to thinking and getting softer and her gait went from frantic to calm.

By this time we are both soaking wet with sweat. And exhausted. And I finally mount up. Avery immediately commented that Cici was not backing at the mounting block! I had forgotten that, well almost. But yes Cici stands very nice at the mounting block now.

I asked about her stopping when I lift one rein. No bending just stopping. Avery said that was fine. She checked out Cici's lateral flexion and said she is a lot softer than before so not to worry about it. And explained the importance of purpose and patterns for RBI Cici. The patterns give us purpose. And purpose is what she needs. Aimless ring riding will make her nuts. Gee now wonder she is fed up with me.

Bow ties with stop along the wall. If she does not stop immediately on a soft rein, then back her up. Count of 4 as close fingers, if no movement back, lift inside rein and bump straight up 3 times. Back to contact and asking for back. If still no movement, 3 more stronger. Straight up. One rein. Then back to contact and release from straight contact only when she moves. Ride the pattern until turns are nice and soft and the stop is light. I'll repeat that for me, ride the pattern until the turns are nice and soft and the stop is light and immediate.

We are now ready for a trail ride.

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