Sunday, June 20, 2010


I just read if you have 15 minutes it will take hours, if you have hours it will take 15 minutes. On Friday I was meeting Vivian at the barn to go out for a trail ride. Thought if I planned on 1-1/2 hours it would work out fine for me to do my preflight check with Cici.

So of course I was watching the clock and struggling. Would I have done all I wanted by the deadline? God a deadline. This is getting way more stressful than it is supposed to be. Groan. How interesting. Oh boy. I think I like groan the best.

Cici has develop this new thing - when I ask for her to back away from me - like to send out in the circle she will take a few steps back and then lower her head all the way down. When I ask again she will slowly turn her head from side to side - kind of like when you try and crack your own neck. I've already put a call in to Steve Katz. Chiropractor to come and check her out. Can't figure out is this is an avoidance thing or is a problem. Avery has also checking her teeth. But she does not do this is I am in Zone 5 and asking for a back. So go figure. Oh Boy! Hmmm how interesting LOL.

Anyway Cici was not quick to go out on the circle. Been having this problem recently, guess my send just isn't where it needs to be. And tagging her is hard. For me, no for her.

She is now also checking out the second cone in the figure 8. Noses it, rubs her nose on it. And then when I ask her to go she will lift her leg and paw or put it on the cone. As I've said before wish I had thought to ask for that. She will paw the cone and knock it down. And then move to the other cone and knock it down.

I need Avery to come out and help me sort thing out for sure! In the meantime on Friday we did go out and do the entire Fisher Cat Trail. Out about 1/2 hour. At one point Cici was shaking her head and I asked Vivian to stop and take a look. Was there a bug on her face or was she annoyed that I would not let her eat the grass? Definitely the latter!

I am slowly getting more comfortable and confident out on the trails. Cici seems to be willing to listen to me. Maybe we are on our way with our mounted partnership.

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