Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Be careful what you wish for. I always say I love to bore my horse to the point where she yawns. Well I know I am boring my horse to the point where she is fed up! OMG. Oh Boy!

Thankfully Avery is coming tomorrow. But today I tried to mix things up and be more there and ask for more from Cici. So we did a lively sideways along the wall, in both directions. Had her feet and mind moving so that when I released and she stopped she chewed almost immediately. Struggled with sideways without a wall. Hmmm how interesting.

It was hot and humid again today so just played for a little while. Then out to graze. She is getting very responsive to "head up" after she has been eating a while to move on to the next snacking place.

And today I hosed her off. Left side she couldn't care less. Right side she walked away. Actually circled me on the 12 foot line. But eventually stood for right side spraying and then licked.

Then back to lots of grazing.

Oh interesting note, in her paddock while I was cleaning up, I look up to see her kicking her back feet way up in the air. Guess a bug was bothering her something awful. She kicked and kicked and then ran over to me. Didn't crowd me or anything, just wanted to be near. I told her to stand still and I'd look her over. No bug left. And she just stood quietly while I ran my hands down her back legs and around her utter.

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