Saturday, May 30, 2009

We are family!

CiCi passed the vet check with flying colors. Another conquest, Kendyl is in love with her. I called Jill and have posted the check. I can't believe it! Yippee! Whahooo!

I got to the barn an hour before the usual trail riding time with Rebekah. Want to spend time with CiCi before I tack her up. Brushed her and off to the ring with a saddle pad. Work on Zone 3. A plan! I know that I'm doing LOL. Maybe, hopefully. See what comes up today.

I focused on standing behind the driving line and lift up saddle pad. Yup. CiCi raises her head and takes a step away. Keep doing this until she is standing still. Then I'm standing still, turned away a bit to take the pressure off her and give her time to digest what happened. And she lowers her head and licks and chews. And I have learned that just because she is chewing does not mean I can move on to the next thing. Let her chew. Let her think think think. Give her time. Reflection time. It does not take all that much time for me to be able to lift the saddle pad up on her back on both sides with her remaining calm and still.

She's mine! I'm hers! We are an official family now! Still can't believe it.

When I go to saddle her, quiet with the saddle pad, correction pad, saddle like a hug. Bridle and left halter on and back out to the ring. Now I want to see about the none issue mounting block. She still stands 1 step before and if I ask her to walk forward one step she will do so and then slowly swing her hips away from the block. Hmmm how interesting.

I walk her away and ask for hindend disengagement - circle until she gives me the right eye. Back to the block. Stops 1 step before, I ask for forward she comes up swings hindend away and I walk her forward and more disengagements. It really only takes 3 or 4 repetitions before she stands absolutely perfectly still at the mounting block. I flap the stirrup leathers, make lots of noise, rock her. She is perfectly still. "Is this all you wanted?"

We are family.

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