Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Ride

Linda accompanies me for a return visit and first ride. Saw Candace first on Friday. It's now Saturday. I realize I am focused on her mind and personality, size, general appearance but if you asked me about her legs and feet - well I could tell you she had them, but not even how she moved. That why Linda's with me. Objective assessment.

Jill tacks her up, note head raising at saddle pad, and step away. I am surprised that I even notice it. Also thinking Jill is not acknowledging it. Is that the if it I ignore it it will go away? Or if I ignore it they won't notice?

She rides her first. Candace is clearly out of shape. And she does not like contact with the bit. So her head is up and out and back is hollow. But she willingly picks up the trot and later the left lead canter, right is a struggle.

Now its my turn. That morning I rode Georgie. Vivian kept saying I was going to have to deal with his double reins, and that I would have to use both and maintain contact otherwise, otherwise, I'm not sure what the otherwise was. Georgie was fine. And now I am riding Candace with a bridle - bit and reins also. Twice in one day. And the last time I rode a horse with a bit was when?!?!? Maybe two years LOL.

After the last year with Jeeps - well Candace feels all wiggly! There is movement. Feel everything. Oh she is not supple but she is young. And these muscles, even out of shape muscles, feel oh so different. We just walk around while I try and relax and get comfortable with what I am feeling under me. I finally ask for trot and after a bit get one she will maintain and one that I feel I can relax and ride. Shorter stride for sure. But then again it has been quite some time since I've ridden a trotting horse in a ring.

Look I'm trotting! Looking I'm holding reins! Hmm how interesting

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