Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 4

This is from yesterday, Tuesday. I brought just a saddle pad with me to play with Cici. Work on her head raising when the saddle pad is placed on her back. It is so interesting to work and watch this mare. She is very clear when she has an issue. And she is so willing to work with me about the various issues. She is presenting more of herself. Not only focused on me like the first time we played. She looks around. Notice changes. Listens. But all of this is done with her head up and feet still.

Carrot stick is completely acceptable to be raised around her. Slapping the ground - I did some walking away and she quickly was walking with me. I was walking backwards at one point so I could see her reactions and realized that she was following directly behind me. What I mean is that the first time I played with her and walked backwards to watch her she followed me a track to the left so that there was no way she could show her right eye. She walked straight, just a track over. And now she was walking right behind me - giving me both eyes! Hmmm how interesting.

A lot of changes are occurring and fast. And some of them are these kinds of changes that "just seem to happen".

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