Sunday, May 17, 2009

Candace Bergen

I was at the barn this morning. Took Casey for a trail walk with Rebekah and Vivian mounted, me and Casey and Nancy and Dane walking. I told Casey I was looking for a new girl friend and I was going to visit one the color of the sun.

I then went back to Raynham and spent around an hour in the round pen with CB. When I got there I had a bunch of stuff that I took to the round pen. I glanced at her paddock and she was in the shed. Not even a head sticking out. So I did my thing. Put down the tarp. There was a little kid lesson in the BIG ring so I got some poles to put on the tarp so it won’t blow around and startle the pony with the kid. I also got the pink saddle pad because I noticed CB had reacted to it when Jill put it on yesterday.

When I had everything set I turned to the paddock and CB was standing at the gate waiting, having clearly been watching me.

I felt I would just check out a bunch of stuff. Do a mini assessment. Take the time it took. She wasn’t happy with the swinging carrot stick, so I walked ahead of her and played out the 12 foot line. I was holding onto the leather poppers before she would even consider following. I had left the 22 ft in the car, but I bet she would have been at the end of that! But again, she never did anything, just hung back. I kept thinking "take the time it takes".

Porcupine back up took a very short time for her to shift weight. And then take a step back. Guess I kind of use Casey as my measure. This was nothing like the first time with him. Where as a LB extreme E he put his head down, stared me in the eyes and said go ahead and make me move!

Once she understood release to pressure, head down was smooth and quiet. Lateral flexion – to say we walked in circles doesn’t even begin to cover it LOL.

Very soft and light on the left with disengagement both porcupine and driving. But would not give me her right eye, let alone right side. So I worked quietly with her, doing things, walking and changing direction, asking for her to lower her head, turn, back up, disengagement. It was all very very fascinating to me to note and observe.

Jill asked how things were going and what my thoughts were. I told her that the right side thing was intriguing. Jill said she would just do everything from the right. I said I would but she would not let me get on her right. Jill asked why I just didn’t go there. I said I was waiting for CB to give me permission. WHICH she did about 40 minutes into the play session! And then there was this release and she put her head down!!!! And chewed and chewed. And took a few steps with her head lowered and relaxed.

I took her pink saddle pad and lifted it up to put on her. Head up and step away. I have the lead rope draped over my arm, she is not tied to anything, unlike yesterday in the barn. Hmmm how interesting. So walked away flapping pad. Now here is an interesting note. I had done this flapping with the carrot stick and she ultimately accepted it. Or began to accept it. With saddle pad we are back to the beginning. Walked an flapped until my arms were falling off. Stopped walking and she did walk up to me. Then I did silly things with saddle pad - started rubbing her legs and her hips and her belly. Rubbed her sides up and down with the saddle pad. I can feel her thinking You are nuts! I told her lots of horses have told me that. LOL. But she started to relax and accepted the saddle pad on her back - both sides!!!!

This mare is holding a lot of stuff inside her. I don’t think we are talking exploding stuff, but I see the potential for a BIG change at some point. And it is going to come from unlocking her right side. Totally mind blowing stuff for me. And totally freaking me out that I can see the potential for change in CB.

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