Saturday, May 23, 2009


Went to pick up CiCi this morning. She loaded with no problems. My friend Rebekah, who I trail ride with, and had taken her trailer to pick up CiCi was amazed and delighted and said, We’re keeping her! LOL. CiCi unloaded, looked around and when I walked her to some grass she dropped her head and ate. Everyone, since of course all my friends were around to check out the “new horse” were amazed at her attitude.

I took her to her paddock, causing quite a stir with the other horses. Casey, the mini, greeted her with a squeal, then spun to kick her, and she arched her neck and went to kick him. I was at this point thinking that maybe I should have gotten a major medical policy on him! He took off, she took off after him.

She had her neck arched, back up, and was moving in a floating trot – gorgeous! I had not seen this side of her. What a mover. She chased him! He took off. Several skirmishes ensured. He didn’t challenge her again. They have a truce, he is standing away from her and she is queen of the paddock. He is wondering what happened. He is no longer king.

She is just standing in the paddock like she has always been there. Settled right in. After letting Casey know who is the boss. Again everyone commented.

At hay time we put out two piles. She just dove into the hay. And I had to move Casey’s to the opposite side of the paddock before he would eat. A little later she was at his pile and he was standing aside as she ate. He is very round, so I am not worried that he is not eating.

I am actually reassured by her behavior. I didn’t want him to be the aggressor and dominating her. When he first met my mare Jeepers, she was with three other mares in a larger paddock. He took one look at the mare herd and thought, MINE! And he immediately has the four full sized horses running around while he played stallion.

Jeeps put up with this for only so long before she turned on him and had him standing in the corner while the mares ate. Only after they were done did she let him eat. And they became best friends. So hopefully he and CiCi will be eating side by side before too long.

I did play with her for a little while. Can tell even though on the outside she looks settled in, she was a little distracted at first. But then she focused and was quiet while I did the friendly game with savvy string over her back. The first time I tried this on what Monday? she would flinch and but not move her feet. Now she is fine. She even offered her right eye pretty quickly. Found nice driving game. Very light. Backing up, away from me is a bit sticky. So will work on that. But for today just wanted to check and see how she was doing.

Rob suggested we stop by the barn on the way to dinner, it is our Anniversary. Boy what an Anniversary present! So he could meet CiCi. I went to the paddock, and of course she greeted me. Casey is on the opposite fenceline with Seamus and Cruise. He looks so sad. And when I go to say hi to him, after saying hi to CiCi she walked with me. And when we get closer to Casey she pins her ears and her head goes down and I interrupt her. No he is part of the family also.

She is clearly establishing her dominance, and in her world I am part of her herd. I will have to stay aware of this and work on it tomorrow so that I can be able to go to Casey and halter him without her driving him away. I was dressed for a dinner out, not horse play so I didn't do much more. But tomorrow! More challenges!

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