Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fast Learner

I went back to Raynham to play with CB again. I wanted to see what she retained from Sunday's play session. A lot! Stood facing her at the end of the 12 foot line and waved the carrot stick up and down. She walked up to me. Porcupined hind end and front on the left - she was light light light. And it only took maybe 5 minutes before she presented her right eye. Not completely comfortable, but she did offer. So I did a lot of scratching. And she did lateral flexion to do a bit of mutual grooming on me. And she even backed several steps from the just lightest suggestion.

Today CB spent a lot of time chewing. And standing with head lowered. Jaw is loosening. At one point I crouched down because I wanted to take all pressure off of her and she lowered her head to me. Amazing.

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