Sunday, May 17, 2009


Answered a Horse for Sale ad for a Palomino, mare, 12 years old, 14.1 hands, quiet trail horse. First time ever looking for a horse. Jeepers "just appeared" at the barn, Casey well I guess you could say he "just appeared" also. But now I'm thinking about what I want. What is important? What are the criteria? Know nothing bigger than say 15.2. But I remember I have always thought a 14 hand pony would be perfect. Like to stay under 12 years old. Not too old, not too young, hey wait a moment is this all about Goldilocks and the Three bears?

Okay size and age. Color? Breed? Temperament? That one is easy left brain introvert. Quiet. Dependable. A bit of go would be nice. But not too much. Thinking mare, but that is not a deal breaker.

Candace was at the gate very interested in sniffing me. Curiosity that's good. She knows she is for sale and checking prospects out I guess. She had gone out with someone else and was returned. I halter her (rope halter) and lead her to the large round pen to play. She is focused on me. Attentive. Quiet. Soft. Quickly connects and plays stick to me with no problem. Does not give me her right eye. Or right side for that matter. Clearly has not had very much of anything done on the right. Hmmm how interesting.

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