Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hay God

There was a hay delivery today. The huge tractor trailer truck parked by the side of the barn with the mechanical conveyor belt up to the loft. They were almost done when I got there. I was inside the barn, gathering up all the stuff I take to the paddock. All of a sudden there is a noise and down the ladder comes a bald, medium height, round man. Oh my god - the HAY GOD! Not exactly what I had ever envisioned for a God, but he lived up to the billing.

I mentioned that I had always talked to Jeepers about the Hay Fairy bringing her hay. But I hadn't thought about a Hay God. He quickly informed me that while he might be cheerful he was not gay LOL. He was the Hay GOD!!!

As he was getting ready to leave, I asked him if he could come and meet my mare. That she would surely appreciate the opportunity to tell him how much she enjoys his hay. He started to the paddock, but when I pointed out her at the far paddock, he reconsidered. He reached down and took a handful of hay. He blessed it - doing a cross over it. Apparently someone mentioned my faith, so he added Shalom. And assured me that he too was Jewish. Wow! Hay God is Jewish!

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