Monday, June 1, 2009

Casey Doesn't Forget

When Kendyl came out on Friday for the vet check of CiCi, she also needed to give Casey his last shot. He was not happy to see her - as she says they have a love hate relationship. She loves him, he hates her.

I had his halter on when she came into the paddock. I know to do this with him. He greeted her with pinned ears and teeth. I mentioned that he has been most happy when I just take him for walks. Not asking anything of him, just walk him, well like a dog. He walks and trots along at my side, happy as can be.

She reached out her hand and asked me for his lead. And she walked off with him around the paddock. He was delighted and walked next to her. No biting, no pinned ears. She gave him the shot mid-stride and hardly a notice from him.

On Sunday when I planned on walking him around he reared at the halter. Then stood so I could get it on. But as I walked out of the paddock and up the driveway he was dragging his little hooves. I let the rope out and he followed me about 8 to 10 feet back!!!! I swear I heard muttering about walking next to and getting stuck with needles.

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