Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beginning circling game

Today was the first time I was able to get Cici to start the circling game. She has wanted to stay close to me and I could not move away from her. She has been getting more and more comfortable with backing. Hand on face backing. But this is huge considering the first time I asked where all I got was resistance, head up head down, head sidesways. I started out happy with her shifting her weight. Then one step, then two. Now asking for four and five steps. I can now put the lead rope on the ground and step away from her and she stands still.

So I tried a send. She moved off on a small circle. Very hesitant. One slow step at a time. Hesitate. Is this what I want she was asking? Should she stop now? She was moving stiffly. Hmm how interesting. She went less than 1/4 way around but I can see we can build on this. Is it lack of confidence? Or I am not being clear enough? Well I have the time this Sunday with Kelly Sigler, so I can get an expert opinion!

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