Thursday, June 11, 2009

Halter Ride

I've been thinking about Cici's reaction to the bit and bridle. So I've ordered a rope hackamore. Thinking maybe if I can get her comfortable with that then the bit and bridle won't be such an issue.

Today I tried out my hypothesis using the halter and tying up the lead into reins like I always did with Jeeps. The good news is that Cici stood quietly at the mounting block. The bad news is she is as resistant to the halter as she is to the bridle. One very willful mare. Head up in the air and shaking back and forth. Head down and to the side. I was able to achieve a quiet bend to the left. But right is a whole other story.

She will bend turn her head around completely to the left. Just about put it in my lap. But not relaxed.

I asked her to walk forward and she was paying attention to Mary who was haying the far side. And then graining the outdoor horses. She could pay attention to everything but me. I had watched Linda on RFDTV last night with casual rein and stick to the rail. So I tried the casual rein with my hand on her neck. Lifting rein when I wanted something. For maybe 5 or 6 steps we had quiet head down horse. But the moment I lifted the reins - well back to "NO".

I keep reminding myself It takes Time. I knew she was a project horse. Just didn't think about how big a project LOL. I have the private parelli lesson coming up with Kelly Siegler on June 28th. Really looking forward to that.

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