Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lateral Flexion

I've been working slowly on lateral flexion. On the ground with both the halter and bridle Cici is willing. I've been asking for her to hold the bend for a bit longer and longer, and for her to be relaxed.

Some things I've noticed. I watched the June Savvy Club DVD on Horsenalities. She is a LBI with a little RBI. She is very much "in my pocket", but she also will snort at new things. Hmmm how interesting. When Pat was working with the RBI and asking for lateral flexion he commented on how the horse's eyes were closing when he had the flexion and was waiting for the release. Said the horse was going inside. Cici sometimes does that also. Hmmm how interesting.

Two days ago when I asked for the flexion on the right we circled and circled and circled. I was on the ground. And when she finally stopped and I asked her to hold it she flipped her head before she did finally offer a release.

When I've ridden her the last couple of days at the walk and we continue to work on stick to the rail. I ask for turns will a very light wide rein. Both right and left. Just letting her get used to the feel and that I'm not going to haul on her. To the right if she starts to resist putting her nose in the air or shaking her head, I just try and maintain the same light feel until she releases.

I have my own things to work on like getting used to her stride and swing. 12 years with one horse is a big habit to change LOL. We walk around the ring lots of changes of direction. So lots of light contact. And I am beginning to get comfortable in the saddle on her. I even asked for a little trot today. Now that is another thing for me to work on!

Today I rode her for maybe 35 or 40 minutes. Started out with flexing both directions. Left fine, right a bit of an argument. Resistance. At the very end of todays ride I asked for first left flexion - not an issue and then right flexion - and for the first time ever, EVER she bent softly and quietly with no resistance. Hmmm how interesting! Oh Boy!

Know enough to have no expectation for tomorrow!

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