Monday, March 7, 2011

Windy Day

Temps start in the 50s this morning and drop into the 30s by afternoon with a strong cold, maybe that should read cold strong wind. Front moves in.

Cici and I go play in the indoor. Strange noises from the building. Creaking I understanding. Its the crashes that are a bit unnerving. Must be, hopefully is, the last of the snow. I hope I hope I hope.

Cici is concerned but now she is looking to me for leadership. OMG is this possible? Don't want to make too big a deal of it but this is huge. Okay not so huge. Just back to OMG.

I have the featherweight on and realize it is not giving her a feel of me. Hmmm how interesting. She is hesitant about leaving me and going out on the circle. Do some change of directions but she really just wants to come in. And when she does she comes right up to me and puts her head in my chest. Loves her ears rubbed.

Take her to the wall for sideways. She is much more confident here and will go out about 10 - 12 feet from me. Stop with my sigh. And then friendly over her back. And wait for lick and chew. That is hard. Well maybe not so hard. I lean my back against the wall. She leans her face against the wall. I relax and turn away. She relaxes and half closes her eyes.

I wait. Listen to a song on the radio. Think should I keep waiting? But she has not cocked a hind leg. So I wait. And think. And think about her thinking. And when I think I need to do something she licks and licks and licks.

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