Saturday, March 12, 2011

Right Lead Canter

You know how sometimes the stars align. Your thoughts and actions become one. And your horse is right there for you.

For one moment this morning while playing with Cici we both got all the pieces to come together and online under saddle she lifted her shoulders and struck off for a beautiful right lead canter!!!!!

Thinking about what Avery had said and what she showed me about Cici falling to the right. I got very particular on the send. Paid more attention to her and did lots of change of directions as soon as she went high headed until she softened and was willing to trot with slack in the line and then asked and WOW!!!!!

It was really awesome to be able to see the difference, to see how she willingly rocked back to strike out with her inside front right.


~kim said...

Hot Dog! Must have felt amazing!!!!

Isabelle Greenfield said...

It's such an amazing feeling when all the pieces fall together. Well done!
Parelli Regional Correspondent-Australia