Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Trail Ride 2011

Finally. Not snowing. Not raining. No ice. A delightful day, temps in upper 40s. Blue sky. NO bugs LOL. Went out with V and Georgie. First outing on the trails and Georgie hasn't been ridden all winter so taking it slow and easy.

Once out of the indoor and climbing the "stairs" up to the the upper paddocks and trails I found my seat! Found my balance point, alignment, confidence. Go figure! More comfortable and confident out on the trails than in the indoor. Cici was calm and happy to be out. Did manage a couple of scoots when she got a gust of wind up her butt. But then immediately back to pleasure horse head set.

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~kim said...

Sweet! I am a tad jealous though. ;) We are still deluged with cold wet yucky stuff.

Perhaps you can post a pic of your beautiful ponies in your beautiful weather?