Saturday, March 5, 2011

One more day

Again used the featherweight line. Cici sure likes it. Almost liberty and yet we are connected. Like gently holding hands.

Online she trotted the circle calmly for 5 laps. Didn't wind herself up into a faster and faster and faster trot where she would ultimately break into canter. Today it was a nice forward moving non frantic trot. This I can see riding. Both directions. Yippee.

Once on her we played with stick to the rail. I've probably already posted this, but here is again. I realized if she can't play stick to the rail at the walk how could I even consider trying it at the trot. Same with cloverleaf. She has stopped arguing with me. Well for now she has. She seems to be listening. Well until she doesn't LOL. Don't want to give the impression my little girl is perfect.

Right need more corrections than going to the left today. Hey progress. So after a nice around the ring going to the left I asked for trot. She was right there willing, and gave me a nice small trot. Working on both of our confidences. So I kept asking for more and more connected trot steps. We are slowly getting there.

There was even another snow slide off the roof. Cici just did an in spot spook. And I didn't even have a chance to lock up tight. More progress.

Oh did I mention she has begun The Shed? Time to end wearing fleece or I'll leave the barn looking like her, including the dapples!

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